Match & Marry Documentary Viewing

CSUChico Campus, Ayres Hall 120

Co-sponsored by Associated Students

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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match... A fresh look into the tradition of matchmaking that dates back thousands of years. The documentary features tales, anecdotes and surprises of matchmaking, dating and marriage in the Orthodox Jewish community!


A Q & A Session with the Producer, Suzannah Warlick, will follow the film.



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Did you ever wonder about the romantic life of your ancestors in Eastern Europe and their approach to marriage? Undoubtedly, they had little say in choosing their life partner, as matchmaking was the norm in the villages or shtetls where they were born. This film offers a fresh look into this ancient tradition, as the arduous task of matchmaking, dating back a thousand years, is explored and integrated into modern times. Director Suzannah Warlick, examines the philosophy of marriage and the roles of men and women within Orthodox communities in the 21st century. Filmed in Brooklyn and Manhattan, this documentary gives you a glimps into the matchmaking, dating, and marriage in these tightly-knit worlds. Although the focus is on Jewish culture, the messages are universal. 50 min.