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Shaina is a beloved Chico State alum who is currently battling a serious illness.
Let's join together and help her by taking on a Mitzvah in her honor.
Don't underestimate the power of good!
Make a commitment to one of the Mitzvot below, or suggest one of your own, in honor of Shaina's complete and speedy recovery!  




SHABBAT CANDLES - All it takes is one small candle to shine away the dark! Women and girls all over the world light candles every Friday evening before sunset, ushering in shabbat. Commit to lighting the Shabbat candles this on time this week. Visit www.chabad.org/candlelighting for more on this mitzvah.

CELEBRATE SHABBAT - Take a break from the fast-paced world we live in. Enter into a place of serenity and calm. Kick off your next Friday night meal with Kiddush and Blessings over the challah.
 TEFILLIN - The mitzvah that binds our minds with our hearts and deeds. Boys over Bar Mitzvah lay Tefillin every weekday. If you would like to commit to putting on Tefillin one day (or more) contact Rabbi Mendy at rabbi@jewishchico.com and we will help you find a local pair of Tefillin. 

MEZUZAH - Do you have a Mezuzah on the door of your home or business? We can help you get one wherever you are. Email rabbi@jewishchico.com for help in purchasing a Mezuzah.

TORAH - Take some time to study Torah. Visit chabad.org for hundreds of Torah classes from the comfort of your home or contact rabbi@jewishchico.com if you'd like to set up a virtual Torah class on any subject of your interest. 


TZEDAKAH - Commit to putting a coin into a charity box (except on Shabbat) or extend a helping hand to someone who needs it. 

- Let us know what your mitzvah is: 


May our collective Mitzvot bring Shaina a complete and speedy recovery!