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Join Chabad this Passover as we celebrate our freedom!

Enjoy our warm and festive seders, participate in our services, sell your chametz online, and delve into our extensive Passover knowledge base.

A Joyous and Meaningful Pesach, from Chabad!



Join us for an elegant, interactive and fast-paced Seder!
Want to keep Kosher for Passover?
Don’t live on matzah & macaroons all week!
We will provide you with nutritious meals every day of Passover!
Your place for everything Passover! Audio & video, stories, in-depth study, and much more
Tens of traditional Passover recipes, covering a variety of Passover foods. Fish, poultry, soups, salads, desserts, and many other Passover favorites...
Use this online form to sell your chametz for Passover.
Any chametz left undisposed must be sold to a non-Jew. Use this online form to quickly delegate a rabbi to sell your chametz for you.
Each of the seder's 15 phases has not just a body, but a soul as well -- a simple meaning as well as a deep lesson towards higher consciousness...