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Local Kosher Orders

Local Kosher Orders


We have arranged with Western Kosher of Los Angeles to provide local delivery of Kosher meat and other products. Orders must be placed no later than Thursday, June 19th and will be delivered on Tuesday, June 24th.

Questions regarding local delivery can be directed to Chana at 530-809-1662 or email

Questions regarding specific products can be directed to Western Kosher by calling (323) 933-8283. Please do not attempt to place your order with them or ask them any questions regarding local delivery. 

Ordering Instructions 

1. Click on links below to download price lists (PDF) and determine what you would like to order. 

2. Email your order to with Kosher Order in the subject line. Please add how you would like to pay: Credit card (via our secure website or cash/check

3. You will receive an email with the total of your order (including a $20 delivery charge)

4. You will be informed by email a few hours before the order is delivered and will be informed by email when your order is available for pickup. We will not take responsibility for orders that are not picked up. 

Meat Price List Chicken Price List Veal Price List Turkey Price List

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 Fish Price List | Miscellaneous Price List